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JUNE 2015


The Office at the Deli

MAY 2015


Billy Joe Shaver and me at the Sooner Theater years ago with a sweet rented powder blue tuxedo that smelled delightful


MARCH 2015







Me and Greek born legendary OKC blues/rock lead guitarist from the band the Fortune Tellers Miho Kolliopoulos at VZD's for the wake in honor of his brother Basile Kolliopoulos. I learned more about the blues from a guy born in Greece than anyone else. Basile enlisted me as a Reverb Brother in 1993-94 during the "Two Guitars, Stand up Drummer and no Bass". Basile was an incredible Rhythm Guitarist. He made me a tape called "Blues without Bass" that I still have, still listen too and has shaped my playing steering me towards Junior Kimbrough, RL Burnside and Juke Boy Bonner. And one of the greatest nights of my musical career was being a Stand In for Miho in the Fortune tellers for two nights because he had broken his arm. I knew all the tunes.


January 2013



December 2012


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October 2012



September 2012


Buddy Guy's Club in Chicago..........on a Tuesday...


August 2012


My son's First Fish........Not as big as ol General, but just as mean.


July 2012


My Kinda place


June 2012



IT's  a Real Place!


MAY 2012



April 2012


Auntie Mae's Parlor in Manhattan, KS


March 2012


March 2012


March 2012

February 2012

I think this guy like him some Wolf Dogs. The licence plate reads "Wolflvr". I was admiring the eagle and howling wolf on the back of the tailgate when I saw the plate. There was also one on the side door But I did not get a good shot at it, as I was taking pictures while driving, which is I can admit not too bright. But the picture is wicked.

January 2012

Its not an act, he is he real deal in person as on stage. I stood in line to get an autographI told him I bought a t-shirt and

he said ,"You already paid too much for the G..damn ticket!" Thanks Mr. Black!

October 2011

Another Marker on the Blues Trail, I am now wanting to snap photos of all of em.


September 2011

Here is a guy rocking out for tips on a Game Day in Norman, OK. He had me mesmerized and he means what he is playing.

August 2011

Nashville, TN from the parkin lot of a Super 8. Folks ask, "Have you ever been to Nashville?" And I say,"Yep" at a Super 8.

July 2011

The end of the Blues Trail, and down the street is Chess Records. I took my wife and child on a forced march to see Chess Records as I looked at Maoquest i thought, "It can't be that far...." A Clark Griswald moment.

June 2011

The wildest looking truck and trailer combination in Oklahoma, or until I see another one.




May 2011

Cliches all have a basis in truth.This weeks lesson focuses on the farm.Pigs down in Ardmore at Budro's after hours. One looks like he got a little frisky so he decided to start "Makn Bacon."



April 7,2011

We played the Squander in Shawnee and here is a picture of the place. Its an Old Honky Tonk that holds 968 people. Imagine walking in here in the late 1970's around the time of Urban Cowboy. This is a real roadhousebrought back to life.We didn;t quite have 968 that night but had a great time playn for sure. Camille Harp played as well she has a great voice and is the recent winner of the Gazette 2011 Woody award. The cover of the issue also features, dare I say, a Wolfdog.


April 3, 2011

The last thing you need to see at the end of the night is something that doesn't belong. Here is a scene from Wichita, KS. The pair must have just got off work and needed a drink perhaps becasue they were a little horse......tough crowd.....

Mar 10 2011

Here is another of my favorite place in Norman, OK Annie's Ruff House wherewe take our dog to wear him out sometimes. Nice folks and they are local. If you have a Pup, take em on in and let socialize. Its almost like a "bar for dogs." They laugh, play drink (water) and wrestle....yep sounds like a bar for dogs alright. Check them out for sure.


Feb 7, 2011

This was on the floor of Party Galaxy.  I kind of felt sorry for the poor "modelquin"

January 7,2011

Here is a video from the Norman Music Festival 2010. I was on the Jagermiester Stage powered by Peavey!

Norman Music Festival Eat Your Mac And Cheese... Please


Janurary 6, 2011

Happy New Year! I am sure that I will say that next year as every previous year, but this year its time to make New Year's Resolutions. This year i will try and write something everyday, which might turn into once a week if I am lucky. But here is my new favorite "Dive". ITs called FLOATERS and in in south OKC. ITs called FLOATERS I am guessing because its loacated next to a seweage treatment plant. I mena right next to one. I am sure that when the summer winds blow they sell alot of booze, to cover up the summer winds. The question of "Who Farted?" will never be solved in this bar.

December 9, 2010

How about the naked lady at the OKC Will Rogers airpot waiting for the TSA to frisk her. She had only a bra and panties on, as well as a pearl neckless. Also on her lap was a poodle she would pet slowly while she waited her turn to be "Frisked". I guess she just figured, "Why not just make it sexy?"

November 20,2010

This is a fine example of a "Oklahoma PartyHat". The appartus consists of a cup with a single cigarettee coming out of the top like a birthday candle, duct taped to the birthday boy's head with two straws coming down on either side from which to smoke the birthday "Sin Stick". The under carriage of the hat is a Keystone Light 12 pack box in the shape of a crown. The whole thing is duct taped around and provides hours of fun. I think the picture of the birthday boy passed out with the hat still on his head wold be the best picture. But we willhave to settle for this example taken from the College Bar.

October 31, 2010

Halloween Night at VZD's and my cousin came in from Ireland. He was in town with his new band.......not really, but this is a funny costume.

September 21, 2010

Here is a picture of my favorite hybrid animal, The wolf Dog. One part Wolf and one part dog. Pu them together and you have a wolf dog. They are always German Shep mix with a wolf. I would like to see a wiener wolf dog.

August, 20, 2010

The Memphis Drum Shop has every drum you can imagine.............and every type of cymbal...... I don;t care for cymbals much beacuse they scare the birds away:)

August 18, 2010

Here is Liam and I on the stage of Morgan Freeman's Blues club in Memphis, TN. The Ground Zero Blues Club. They have all the drums and instruments set up. You should have seen us rock out:)


July 4 , 2010

In Norman, my favorite place to go and look at the bikes is at Buchanan's Bikes on historic Campus Corner. This summer I got a new bike at this legendary shop. Come on in and you will be treated well, They have the best customer service around and they really taek care of you too.

June 14 , 2010

One of my favorite place's in Norman is Roxy's Funky Art Boutiuqe which has a mish mash of all sorts of used stuff, home "made in Norman" products and Hosty Duo shirts as well. In fact, they sell cd's,Pterodactyl t-shirts, poster koozies and kazoo's. I keep all the kids shirts over there as well. It's like a giant cardboard box, minus the duct tape. Roxy's is located on Gray Street right across from the Norman Post office.

June 12, 2010

Mr. J.........The king of customer service is one of the owners of a favorite Norman eatery La Baguette on Main Street in Norman, OK.  IF you are lucky Mr. J will greet with with a "Hello how are you today sir?" complete with heavy accent. Go there and spend your dough locally at a place that makes its own cakes, bread and my personal favorite "The Special." Sometimes you just need to walk in, not even look at the menu and order "The Special." Eat local!

June 11,2010

Here is a picture from the OKC Zoo. My son told me he could tell that this Rhino "Must be a boy Rhino." Can you tell why it must be a boy Rhino?
Look closely........................Because a Rhino is not supposed to have five legs.

June 10, 2010

So I go to the post office to mail a package and walking up to the machine there was a lady ahead of me mailing her own packages and on the side waiting for her was her pet rabbit. He sat there calm as could be while she mailed all of her letters. When she was done, she picked up the rabbit like a toy dog put it in a little carrying bag and went on her way. Now, if you cannot afford a puppy like Paris Hilton to keep in your handbag, you can alwyas go Norman, OK Style and get a bunny.........and if you get two you will have many more bunnies, thus lowering your cost.......

June 9, 2010

This was the display at the Conoco at the Stillwater  Exit. It stood out because it was a head thrown on to the ballcap rack. It was the only pair of singlasses and the head had a nail in its cheek.....................

February 16, 2010

Oriental Tokyo Health Massage located on "Vigilante Blvd" which is actually North Flood Ave, had a sign out front which can be ony seen to be believed. This is business and in the window a sign was posted telling propsective clients why the busienss was not open. read the message carefully. This is real folks.


November 10, 2009

Oh the bar fight......there seems to be one every time. Either in the form of a shouting match, or even a belt buckle smackwdown at Classic's in OKC. Now for the first time a picture of the calm before the storm. Right after this picture was taken the two gals in the front row got into a shoving match and look out ..... Cat Fight!!! It began with a hip bump move and turned ugly from shouting to screaming to pushing and full scale.........Cat fight!
And that brings me to the discussion of evolution. The evolution of the animal nickname attributed to females in bar situations. In the beginning, there is the cat or the Hell cat, which is a young female. Later the cat evolves through middle age into a cougar and finally into a wildcat which is a grandma so I have been told. After that I think the nickname should go to Saber Tooth, which the lady may not have any teeth all all.......

August 04,2009

One of my favorite places to eat and get a Lemonade, sit on the picnic table and watch the cars go by on hot summer day....Sooner Dairy in Norman,OK. A true original and the last of local owned burger joint.

July 16 , 2009

Played tonight at the Oklahoma History Museum in OKC for the "Another Hot Oklahoma Night" book signing about the history of Rock and Roll in Oklahoma. Bought the book and got it signed by the authors. We played underneath a replica of the Winnie Mae plane which Wiley post flew. he waould constantly turn around to see who was in the plane partly because he was paranoid and partly because he had a patch. Needless to say it was a tough crowd.

June 16,2009

Country fever in Pryor Oklahoma where I was listed as a part time musician who was an "AC repair man during the daytime and Mike made expansion bridges in his back yard".


March 30, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things.........LOCAL.......One of the Hosty family's favorite places to get some grub at Lunch time is Penny Hill Deli and Subs. Stop on by there as they more than likely have more University of Oklahoma sports items than anywhere as well as banners, hats, baseball cards etc of School in the
Big 12.



February 25,2009

It turns out the reporter who threw the pair of shoes at Bush practiced throwing his shoes which would help explain his timing and how acurate he was. Now, Bush dodged both shoes and was reported to have said something along the lines of "seeing his sole" but I just have to ask what this reporter practiced against. Did he have a dummy to throw at, cardboard cut out, a simulated news room set up. anyway, it makes you wonder.

So, there is something to add along with the terrorist "Monkey Bar"  footage video of shoe snipers in training.


Janurary 12, 2009

There is an Old abandoned Grandy's resturant here in Norman, OK. If you are not familiar wih Grandy's, they served , gizzards, livers, corn, fried hicken, gravey and other country favorites. Years ago they even used to have a little old lady dressed as "Grandy" who would serve biscuits. Now the building sits vacant with a for lease sign in the window. I often try to imagine what is living in the Old Grandy's.....maybe an 8 foot tall cockroach or even a possum colony. I am also wondering when someone will try to alter the Grandy's sign so it will say "Randy's".

Actually, some believe there is a river of white gravey that runs underneath from a natural spring. It is a wonder of the natural world.

Janurary 1, 2009

Happy New Year! New Years Eve is over and everyone made it through. I always like looking at the floor of the bar after New Years Eve and seeing the broken glass, plastic party favors, spilled beer and in there as always is a scarf, jacket or hoodie that someone left on the ground and upon seeing it soaked with "liquid" decided to leave it there. Happy New Year again!

December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving is over.Thanksgiving meals do not require any chewing at all. No teeth are required. So everyone can enjoy.


November 20,2008

Palooza-Lahoma, the endings of choice for festivals, events and concerts. Today, we played

"Schoomzapalooza" in the Centinneal Building on the Oklahoma State FairGrounds an

event for the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.

We are gradually working our way to someday play the State Fair Speedway

but that is another story. I suggested that next year the

event be called "SchmoozaLahoma" because Lahoma is the new Palooza.

November 24, 2008

Last week I played a house party in Tulsa, OK. Walking into the suburban 7 bedroom home, I noticed that the floors were covered with plastic sheeting. The plastic sheets were taped against the walls. I asked one of the hosts what exactly the plastic sheets were for. I had seen an episode of the Soprano's where they lure the guy into the room where the floor is covered with plastic, the guy gets shot and they roll him up in the plastic and throw him in the lake. When I asked, the host replied the plastic was to protect the floor.

As the night went on, no less than seven bags of wine were revealed. As the bags were passed around the cheap wine went everywhere from the ceiling to pooling up on the floor. One guest was holding the bag of wine over a girls head. When he asked her if she wanting some she turned away. For turning away, he let the sack of wine flow out the spickett right on to her head

Party guest in the house were using the pastic sheeting like a slip and slide with spilled beer and wine. The sticky sheeting's smell permeated the room.

So the next time you walk into a party and there is plastic sheeting on the floor be prepared to have an indoor slip and slide lubricated by festive beverages and also don't wear open toes shoes.






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