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The New Album! Only $12.50

Features "Eat yer Mac and Cheese", "Pterodactyl" and "Teeni Tiny Thing"

Hosty Duo album featuring "Fraidy Hole", "Oklahoma Breakdown",

and "Married Man"


Hosty One Man Band Show Captured Live in Norman, OK with

Songs like "Chewbacca" and "Nobody"


Hosty One Man Band Show Part II in Norman, OK with songs like "Opium Whore", "

"Cleveland County Cage/ Bag of Wine"


Mike Hosty Anthology with songs "James Brown", "Corndog"

"Everybody Wants Something" and More


Hosty Duo Golden Country Hits with songs like "Johnny Cash",

"Cleveland County Cage" and "Applesauce"



Mike Hosty Volume Anthology With "Dishwasher", "Disco Truck",

"Maintain", and "Bus Stop"



Keep a drink warm or cold...



Get Your Own Personal Song.............

There is occasion, on folks birthdays in the bar, a napkin is passed to the stage

with info on the birthday guest

and a polka is spontaneously written...........

Mosty songs drift away with the smoke living only in memmory...

So here is the deal, I will write, record a personalized

song then mail it to you to give as a gift for $30.00.......

You can send the details of the song in the message box of your order.

In the comment box, include, same funny

things that havehappend, drunken nights

and things the birthday girl or boy would just soon forget.










Last Updated: June 29, 2015